Hong Kong

Hong Kong PEO

Agile HRO’s Hong Kong Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) service is designed to help companies expand to Hong Kong. 

With a population of seven and a half million and covering just 426 square miles, Hong kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Originally a colony of the British Empire in the 1800’s, it was granted back to China in 1997 and has operated as a special administrative region with its own governmental and economic policies. Hong Kong has established itself as a financial hub characterised by the low taxation and free trade.

Hong Kong ranked 4th globally in respect toFDI, receiving USD 68,4 billion in FDI in 2019. This was 34% less than the year prior due to the social unrest but has shown in the past year the resilience of the economy resuming the 7.9% GDP annual growth. With its efficient and transparent judicial process, coupled with their telecommunication services it has allowed Hong Kong to become a hub for innovation and business.