Incorporation in Singapore can be done as quickly as 1 – 2 hours and can be done 100% online for as low as SGD$700. Singapore has made it easy for start-up and scaling companies to move into Singapore as well as local entrepreneurs to flourish. It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Step 1.

Contact Agile ([email protected]) and arrange a Zoom call or phone call for advice on the best incorporation for you. Then complete an incorporation & KYC information form that will be sent to you immediately.

Step 2.

Choose a great name. This name will be vetted by Singapore so should be socially acceptable and not include the word Singapore. You may also choose to do a search to see if someone has stolen your great name.

Step 3.

Once all the above is received it will be uploaded all on our easy to used online platform. You will input our COVID discount code and may payment of only $700 for incorporation and year one (Year 2 is only $400) corporate secretarial services and you are done. Once vetted and approved by ACRA (may take up to 48 hours dependent on the name chosen), your company will be incorporated! We can then help to set up a bank account (around 5 – 10 days), nominee director or accounting services where needed.

Final step is to start making money and the lifestyle you have always wanted. Agile is always here for all the boring but important back office and HR outsourcing (Employment law and contracts, payroll & work visa sponsorship) if needed so you can concentrate on the important things.

Insider Tip.

One last tip from our team is to find trustworthy BPO companies so that you can focus your time on your core-business activities and operations.