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Agile is now available in Brazil

Agile is now available in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Every new country Agile expands to, means you can to! Today, we are pleased to announce that Agile is now available in Brazil Brazil is the first of many to come with our expansion into LATAM, so watch this space 😉 What does this mean? Our team is excited...

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Employee Evaluations: How to evaluate your remote teams

In our last blog post, we shared 7 tips on how to build culture in a remote team which, from the feedback I received, is a hot topic and something we will keep working on as we navigate the realms of remote working even further. Keeping on our series...

3 key mistakes entrepreneurs make in singapore

3 Key Mistakes Entrepreneurs make in Singapore

Singapore constantly endeavours to improve its business environment and attract talented entrepreneurs with high potential from all over the globe. Singapore ranks as the second-best economy in the world when it comes to the ease of doing business based on the World Banks ranking 🌏. Just because this country...

How to Build Culture in a Remote team

How to Build Culture in a Remote Team

When it comes to building remote teams, culture is at the forefront of HR and business topics. It’s general knowledge that physically located teams have an easier time building culture compared to remote teams. Of course that is because that has been the “normal” since we can remember.  Most...

Finding success in 2021 remote work

2021: Finding Success in the Future of Work

2020 may be over, but one of its most defining features is here to stay. No, not the ill-fitting masks and empty airports. We’re talking about working from home. As more and more companies around the world continue to embrace the remote workplace (and hand sanitizer), many are considering...

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3 Things I learned in 2020 about Remote Work

At the beginning of 2020 we came into the year full of classic new year resolutions “new year new me” and “this is my year” which was shortly lived when suddenly the world stopped . After 10 months of  working remotely (which doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime...

top software tools to manage remote teams

Top Software Tools to Manage Remote Teams

Congratulations! Your remote team is set-up, now what? Want take the anxiety out of managing them remotely? Read on to find the best tools to manage your team remotely! As we are well aware, remote working is here to stay, whether it’s permanent or temporary depending on your business....

Remote Team: A Quick-Start Guide to Setting Up a Remote Team

If remote working has taught us anything it’s that all those meetings we sat through where I thought “this could’ve been an email” could’ve definitely been an email. 🙄 Just like the pandemic, remote work is now going viral 😷 As more and more teams are transitioning away from...

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