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Agile x Omnix Partnership: Pay Remote Teams in Crypto

Agile partners with Omnix to bridge the gap between crypto and the modern workforce

The way we work, hire, employ and pay are evolving at a rapid pace. Gone are the days where pool tables and free beer at a WeWork-esque coworking space was the main attraction to secure talent. Employees are now seeking more advantageous benefits packages to make their employment experience worthwhile. A modern workforce, requires modern perks, benefits and investment options.

We are excited to announce our new partnership and integration with Omnix to bridge the gap between crypto and the modern workforce. This new partnership means Agile now offers payroll to employees on EOR and freelancers, in both fiat and crypto currencies.

Pairing Agile & Omnix for a more modern payroll 💰

Omnix is the first omni-tool for mass crypto disbursements, this revolutionary integration allows Agile to integrate, manage and disburse crypto to employees globally, just how we do with fiat payroll.


How does it works?

  1. Engage Agile as your nominated EOR (employer of record) 😉
  2. During the onboarding phase, employees will receive access to the platform
  3. Employees connect their wallets 
  4. Voila 😎 – ready to receive their monthly disbursements just like normal payroll
  5. Agile fully manages all disbursements and customer support
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